High Slump Retention Concrete Admixture Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Concrete Additive


High Slump Retention Concrete Admixture Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Concrete Additive

High Slump Retention Concrete Admixture Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Concrete Additive

Overview Product Description PCE superplasticizer is the newest generation superplasticizer for concrete projects in dom

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Basic Info.
Model NO. PCE
After-Sale Usage and Technical Supported
Application 1 High Flowing Concrete,Self-Leveling Concrete
Application Long-Distance Construction Project
Slumps Retention Value (mm) 260
Content of Chloride (%) 0.1 Max
Initial Water Reducing Ratio 28% Min
Appearance (23c) Colourless to Light Yellow, Viscous Liquid
Mother Liquid 40% 45% 50% 60%
Other Name Polycarboxylate Ether
Transport Package 220 Kg/Drum, 1150 Kg/Drum, 20-25 Tons/Flexi Tank
Specification mother liquid 40% 45% 50% 60%
Trademark JR
Origin Shandong Province, China
HS Code 38244010
Production Capacity 30000 Tons Mother Liquid Per Year
Product Description
Product Description

PCE superplasticizer is the newest generation superplasticizer for concrete projects in domestic and abroad. Comparing with FDN and other superplasticizer, PCE superplasticizer has many characteristic advantages in technology and performance as following:

(1) low dosage, high rate of water reducing;(2) keep concrete good slumption retention;(3) good compatibility with cement;(4) small shrinkage of concrete to keep the stability of volume and durability;(5) environmental in production and usage.
    ·Homogeneity Index:
    ItemsEnterprise Standard
    Apperance (23ºC)Colourless to light yellow,viscous liquid
    PH Value (23ºC)6.5±1
    Solid content (%)40±0.5 50±0.5
    Content of Chloride (%)≤0.10
    Water Reducing Ratio (%)≥28

    PCE types Liquid

    High Slump Retention Concrete Admixture Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Concrete Additive

    Polycarboxylate Superplasticzier we produce types as below:
    High water reducing standard type
    (normally they can be satisfied and used alone for concretes' requirements)
    JH03 basic standard typeunder most exported
    JH09 viscosity adjustment type,
    water reducing ratio is higher than JH03
    suitable for high clay content ratio of cement,under most exported
    JH15 high technology Carbox-6 type,water reducing ratio and performance are better than JH03 and JH09suitable for high strength concrete,
    New Research
    Slow Release High Slump retention type
    (if concretes' slump retention is not satisfied)
    JH02 High slump retention typeunder most exported less than JH06
    JH06 high slump retention type,
    mixing with JH03 and JH09 if concrete's slump retention is not satisfied
    under most exported
    1. Every type of PCE has 40% 50% solid content.
    2. When mix water reducing type PCE with slump retention type,the suggested mixing ratio is 8:2 or 7:3 or 6:4 by weight according to lab trial test.
    ·Scope of Application:PCE can be widely used in all kinds of concrete projects and cement product,for example:
    1.Suitable for compounding long-distance transportation pump concrete.
    2.Suitable for compounding normal concrete,high-performance concrete,high-strength concrete and ultra-high strength concrete.
    3.Suitable for compounding high durable concrete which has impermeability,high ability of keeping collapse and frost-resistance.
    4.Suitable for compounding high-performance and high flowing concrete,self-leveling concrete,fair-faced concrete and SCC.
    5.Suitable for compounding concrete which has high dosage of coal ash and mineral powder.
    1.The blend dosage (by weight) is 0.4%-1% of the cementing material.
    2.In order to fix the best blend dosage, trial mix according to the requirements of construction is recommended.
    3.This product can't be compounded with naphthalene type water reducer. Compatibility test should be done previously when using together with other kind of admixture.
    4.Measure accurately. Avoid repeat mix and error.
    5.Mud content of sand,gravel and quality variety of admixtures have great effect on water reduction.So standard aggregate and admixtures are recommended.
      Our Advantages

      We could supply services as below:

      Technical support about concrete air content,polycarboxylate ether and ester difference,usage of other concrete admixtures in PCE, and also we could help you adjust the test redults of PCE with your raw materials data of concrete.Development of concrete water reducing admixture:the first generation water reducers are:lignosulfonate types(Na,Mg,Ca).the second generation water reducers are:naphthalene sulfonate type,Sulfonated melamine formaldehyde type,aliphatic series,aminosulfonic acid series.the third generation water reducer are :Polycarboxylate based superplasticizer.Test Method 1 suggested:
      Dosage of 50% PCE %Ratio of Water reducing %(at least)
      Standard=1.2 g PCE + 87g Water + 300g Cement
      Weight of PCE Dosage=Dosage * (Weight of cement + fly ash + mineral )Test Method 2 suggested:10%PCE=10g 50% PCE +90g water(10%PCE is 5 solid content = 50*10%)Proportion of concrete:Cement 450gSand 1350gWater 160g10% PCE 12g(different countries have different size and stand of sand and gravel),when you do test,you can let us know the size of your concrete raw material. Product Application

      High Slump Retention Concrete Admixture Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Concrete Additive

      Company Profile

      ZIBO JOYREACH NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD is a leading Manufacture of city construction products in China.Our company is mainly specialized in materials' R&D,sales and exporting.We are established in 1993 and has been the leading company in producing concrete admixtures.At early years,we produce Naphthalene series water reducing agent, aliphatic water reducing agent, melamine water reducing agent.
      We began to produce polycarboxylate ether/superplasticizer PCE since 2003,using our proprietary technology to make PCE research and marketing develop.and We become one of the reputable polycarboxylate ether manufacturer in China with production capacity of 60,000T per year.
      In our lab,we have more than 10 kinds of different function polycarboxylate ether(PCE) mother liquid types.Now we export large amounts of water reducing and slump retention PCE to many countries such as North Africa,Middle Asia,South and Southeast Asia:India,Malaysia,Vietnam,South America,we get good feedback from our customers.
      Concrete admixture factory since 1993, Joyreach sale work since 2010.
      Polycarboxylate superplasticizer,naphthalene superplasticizer. 30,000-50,000 tons/year.
      ZIBO JOYREACH is willing to work with friends from all walks of life,and try our best to become national major projects' materials supplier.With advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, high-quality products, excellent service and the most competitive price,we make all business best,wholeheartedly,for customer. Products from us are selling well all over China and exported to many countries,now we achieve high evaluation from customers.
      Today's quality, tomorrow's market. In the long-term production and business operation in the future, we will also continue to work hard, avoid arrogance, improve insufficient,continue innovation to bound to create high quality materials.

      Packaging & Shipping

      220 kg/drum,80 drums/20GP,1150 kg/drum,20 drums/20GP.
      ·Storage and Safety Matters:1. it should be stored at temperature from 0ºC-40ºC. Keep out of sun,rain,impurity.Avoid evaporation of water.2. quality guarantee period:180 days. Retest should be done when it beyond validity,and can be used when it's qualified.3. non-toxic, non-polluting and non-edible. Avoid touching with eyes and skin allergy people. If touching,should clear with water and timely go to see doctor.
      Safety and Attention:
      1.This product is alkalescence solid without toxic, corrosiveness and pollution. It is unedible when it come to body and eye, please wash it in clean water. When there is allergy for some body, please send the person to hospital rapidly for cure.2.This product is storaged in paper barrel with PE bag inner. Avoid rain and sundries to mix in.3.Quality guarantee period is 12 months


      FAQ1 : How can you control your quality?A1 : For each production processing,we have complete QC system for the chemical composition and Physical properties. After production, all the goods will be tested, and the quality certificate will be shipped along with goods. Q2 : What is your lead time? A2 : It usually needs about 15-20 days after receiving the PO. Q3 : Do you provide free samples? A3 : Yes, free samples are available, generally speaking, the buyer shall bear all the delivery cost. Q4 : What is your payments terms? A4 : We can accept 50% deposit, 50% balance to be against the BL copy or by LC, or other payment terms. Q5 : Can we visit your company? A5 : Yes, for sure, you are welcome to visit our company. Q6 : What standards do you have? A6 : Our products meet the standards, such as ASTM, ASME, AMS, DIN, JIS etc. The third party testing is all available for us.

      High Slump Retention Concrete Admixture Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Concrete Additive