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Aug 29, 2023

AIS to host annual Read

Rachel Adkins [email protected] AUGUSTA — Augusta Independent Schools Family Resource Center is hosting its annual Read-I-Fest on Thursday, Aug. 24. According to FRYSC Director Todd Kelsch, there is

Rachel Adkins [email protected]

AUGUSTA — Augusta Independent Schools Family Resource Center is hosting its annual Read-I-Fest on Thursday, Aug. 24.

According to FRYSC Director Todd Kelsch, there is one part of Read-I-Fest that he is looking forward to the most. He said, this year, the resource center is able to offer free shoes to AIS elementary students.

He added that the resource center will be handing out shoes from size 11 children to five youths.

Kelsch noted this year is the first time shoes are going to be given out during Read-I-Fest. Typically, shoes are made available to students in the event of an “emergency” when a staff member notices that a student is uncomfortable in their shoes during class.

Every year, the resource center receives a grant from Neediest Kids of Cincinnati to provide shoes to AIS students, he said. This year, he was able to secure enough shoes to give elementary students access before school starts.

Kelsch noted that the AIS administration wants students to start their school year out in comfortable shoes and not “have to wait” until a staff member notices they are in discomfort.

“It’s a need that, as our administrative team has pointed out, is a need for our elementary students. We have a lot of students that are from low-income families and low-income households,” Kelsch said. “We want to give these families an opportunity to get shoes that are comfortable for their students because we’re trying to take the focus off of the comfort-ability aspect (of students) and get their focus on their academics.”

He said he hopes to offer shoes to older students in future years.

According to Kelsch, the main purpose of Read-I-Fest is to give students an opportunity to obtain a schedule for the school year. He noted the schedules are for every student from preschool through 12th grade.

Kelsch said students and their parents will be given a “chance” to meet the teachers at AIS. He noted that each student could meet the teacher for that year, or go ahead and meet their future teachers.

Read-I-Fest is not only for students to receive their schedules and meet their teachers, he said. There will be games, inflatables, food, and drinks for families at the event.

Kelsch added that Kona Ice, a shaved ice vendor, and community vendors will be on-site to serve food and drinks to families. He said the meal will feature hot dogs and hamburgers.

AIS faculty and administration are going to assist families with registering their students on the school’s website, he said. Kelsch noted the technology director will be available to give families a tutorial on the process for enrolling a student.

According to Kelsch, AIS administration is going to try to “grow” Read-I-Fest “even more” in the future. He said AIS will continue to offer families and students more assistance throughout the school year.

He added that AIS Parent Teacher Student Association will be helping new members sign up at Read-I-Fest. PTSA serves as a support group throughout the year and discusses improvements for AIS, Kelsch said.

Kelsch encourages new members for PTSA. He noted there is a $5 annual fee to be a member.

Read-I-Fest is on Thursday, August 24 from 5 to 7 p.m. on Augusta Independent School’s lawn. For more information on the event, please go to Augusta Independent Schools Facebook.

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